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become a joke teller

Are you funny? Do you have a joke you want to share with the community? Now's your chance; we are looking for you!

We are looking for funny people who are good at telling jokes. Joke tellers will be filmed at a scheduled joke telling session (or you can submit your own video!) and the selected jokes will be presented on the night of the event.

Due to COVID-19 we have put all joke telling sessions on hold for now but don't fret, you still have an opportunity to claim your fame from the comfort of your own home!

To submit your joke, please read the guidelines. Register below and our producer will be in touch.


If you'd like to submit a joke, please follow these simple guidelines for self-filming:


Please shoot videos in landscape mode instead of portrait.  That means turning the phone side ways instead of in an upright position.


Please use the camera on the back of your phone, not your selfie camera: We know this could make it more difficult to film yourself, so please have someone hold the phone to shoot you or prop the phone up in a suitable position so it can capture you telling your fabulous jokes. 


Be mindful of light and sound: try to find a bright, quiet location.  The more light, the better the image quality will be, and similarly the less background noise present, the clearer the sound will be.  Please try to avoid sitting directly under pot lights as it will cause Raccoon-like shadows on the face, or with a light source (such as a window) behind you.


Recording more than one take: the video can be edited, so please record your joke more than once if you can. If you are telling a joke and stumble, just start from the line before you stumbled and continue.  Don't start a new video. If you stumble, and finish that take, please just record it one more time so we have more than one option.  Send us all you got! And don't worry, we will edit out the bad take(s).


UPLOADING VIDEO: To preserve best image quality, please copy the video to a computer and upload it through GOOGLE DRIVE. Emailing videos from your phone or computer will usually compromise the quality of your video by severely compressing it. So using GOOGLE DRIVE will prevent that from happening, and it will go directly to the Editor!



  1. Upload your videos through GOOGLE DRIVE. For step by step directions, please see this link to help walk you through it: HOW TO SHARE VIDEOS THROUGH GOOGLE DRIVE

  2. Please share it with us by sending it to:

  3. That's it! (Once we receive your submissions, you will get a confirmation email, notifying you that we have received it. You will hear from us again, when/if and when we decide to use your jokes in our next video(s). 


Alternatively, to submit your joke, please email and our producer will be in touch with you directly. 

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